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Laser Ablation in Birmingham, AL

Laser Ablation at Varicosity Vein Center

Pain Relief and Confidence in a Single Step

When most people hear of “varicose veins”' or “spider veins,” they usually think of it being a skin condition or the result of aging.

However, these are not just a cosmetic concern. For many people, they can range from uncomfortable to outright painful and can even cause long-term adverse health effects. The good news is that Varicosity Vein Center is at the forefront of modern medicine and provides endovenous laser ablation treatment that could be the answer to finally feeling comfortable again in your own skin.

Laser Ablation Birmingham

What is endovenous laser ablation?

A Sound Way to Improve Your Life

Laser ablation is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound to locate the troubled veins and then heat them from within to shrink and close them off.

Once the veins are closed, our bodies have the amazing ability to reroute the blood flow to healthy veins while absorbing the shrunken ones once and for all. This treatment is not just for spider veins and varicose veins. Laser ablation can also treat a wide variety of chronic venous insufficiencies and venous disorders. It's important to speak to your doctor about which treatment is right for you.

The Benefits of Laser Ablation

Creating a Healthier You

Reduced Health Risks

Once the varicose veins are closed off, those areas of your body can allow for proper blood flow, eliminating some of the risk factors that accompany venous disorders.

Rapid Treatment

Laser ablation typically takes no more than 60 minutes.

Little to No Down Time

Following Laser ablation Birmingham patients can return home the same day and get back to their normal routine the very next day.

Pain Relief

Doctors often use laser ablation to ease symptoms of leg pain, swelling, cramping, restless legs, numbness, and irritation.

Am I a good candidate for laser ablation?

The Right Choice

If you were diagnosed with a venous disorder, have varicose veins that are getting increasingly uncomfortable, spreading, or becoming more pronounced—or you simply think your varicose veins are unsightly and it's time to get them taken care of—you might be a good candidate for laser ablation.

Your Laser Ablation Procedure

In Good Hands

Most procedures will take place under “twilight sedation” which is administered by one of our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists to provide a pain free experience.

Your doctor uses a special type of catheter inserted into the vein to send a pulse of energy that shrinks the vein and allows it to be gradually absorbed by the body. Some people might experience mild bruising, which is completely normal. After making sure the treatment was successful, you can return home the same day. Make sure you have arrangements prepared for the ride home.

Laser Ablation Birmingham

Your Endovenous Laser Ablation Recovery

For Your Best Results

Be sure to follow the specific recovery instructions provided by your Birmingham laser ablation provider. Generally speaking, the average recovery experience will look something like this:

  • Mild swelling is normal.
  • Patients are asked to wear compression stockings for five to seven days
  • No strenuous activity such as heavy lifting, running, or jumping for five to seven days
  • For any soreness, over-the-counter pain medications are sufficient

Contact your provider immediately if you are experiencing:

  • Signs of the area becoming infected
  • If the area is becoming painful enough to interrupt your daily activities
  • Noticeably worsening swelling

Depending on how severe the condition was and its location on your body, most people make a full recovery in about two to three weeks.

Your Laser Ablation Results

No Vein, No Pain

After your two-to-three-week recovery period, you should notice reduced visibility and pain in your varicose veins. Keep in mind that everybody’s situation is different, and the full benefits of the procedure can sometimes take up to 6 months.

Laser Ablation Birmingham
Laser Ablation Birmingham
Laser Ablation Birmingham
Laser Ablation Birmingham

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A Step in the Right Direction

Varicosity Vein Center has been dedicated to treating venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins since 2002.

We understand how personal and important this journey can be. With our highly-skilled and, more importantly, highly-compassionate team, no one is better equipped to help you get the treatment you deserve. With locations in Birmingham, Homewood, Montgomery, Auburn, and Huntsville, Alabama as well as Ridgleand, Mississippi, you can be sure that there is quality care near you. Schedule your consultation today.

Laser Ablation Birmingham

Laser AblationFrequently Asked Questions

Endovenous laser ablation is minimally-invasive and pain-free, thanks to the “twilight sedation” which is administered by one of our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists to provide a pain-free experience.

The procedure is covered by all commercial insurance carriers including Medicare. We also offer a self-pay option for those without insurance and we can provide you with a detailed estimate of costs at your consultation.

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