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Ultrasound Vein Examination in Birmingham, AL

Ultrasound Vein Examination at Birmingham's premiere vein center—Varicosity Vein Center

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Our ultrasound vein consultation has a dual use in the diagnostic process. The first step is to ensure there is no active blood clot in your lower extremity veins.

Once a blood clot is ruled out, we start a thorough ultrasound investigation looking for "venous reflux" in various parts of your vascular system. After your first appointment with your specialist, you'll visit our Accredited Venous Testing Facility to speak with one of our Registered Vascular Technicians. Schedule your initial appointment today for a healthier leg and vein health path tomorrow.

Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham

What is an Ultrasound Vein Examination?

Detailed Imaging

Our non-invasive duplex study, often known as a vascular ultrasound, lets your provider view the circulation in your arms, neck, and legs. Using high-frequency sound waves, the ultrasound creates a detailed image of the soft tissue and blood vessels. Once a blood clot is ruled out, we start a thorough ultrasound investigation looking for "venous reflux" in various parts of your vascular system.

Venous Reflux

What is Venous Reflux?

Reflux is the free falling of blood down your venous system towards the feet. Reflux results in the blood beginning to pool in the veins of your lower extremities and is the primary cause of symptoms associated with venous disease. Following the Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham patients will be notified of their results once they are analayzed and interpreted by our midlevel provider and physician.


What is the treatment process?

After you have completed your venous reflux study, your mid-level provider and physician will review the results of your venous testing study. Should your study produce a positive testing result, our providers will assemble a vein treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs and anatomy.

Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham
Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham
Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham
Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham

What is an IAC Accredited Vascular Testing Facility?

Accreditation You Can Count On

Accreditation by the IAC signifies that Varicosity Vein Center Homewood has been through a rigorous application and review process, and has been deemed to be in compliance with the published standards. This displays a commitment to providing high-quality vein treatment and management to patients.

Composed of a thorough self-evaluation followed by a comprehensive review by a panel of medical experts, the IAC accreditation process allows both the critical operational and technical components of the applicant facility, including representative case studies and their corresponding final reports, to be evaluated. Numerous variables contribute to effective vein therapy and care. Positive patient outcomes are influenced by the expertise and experience of the vein specialist doing the treatment, the type of equipment utilized, and the quality evaluation criteria each institution is obligated to track. Patients may rely on IAC certification as a sign of consistent quality treatment and a commitment to continual improvement.

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We understand the worries and requirements of our patients, and our patient-centric approach is supported by our knowledge, compassion, and the most advanced treatment choices available. As the leading vein center in Alabama, Mississippi, and the Southeast United States, you can rely on us to deliver a comprehensive and effective vein treatment experience. With offices in Birmingham, Homewood, Montgomery, Auburn, Huntsville, and Ridgeland, we are ready to assist you in achieving ideal results.

Ultrasound Vein Examination Birmingham

Ultrasound Vein Examination Frequently Asked Questions

Venous disease is a progressive disease, meaning if you are positive for venous disease or varicose veins then your condition and symptoms will only worsen as you age. In addition, leaving this condition untreated can also lead to more advanced diseases, including leg ulcers and the potential for blood clots.

In addition to the initial ultrasound vein examination, we conduct post-operative venous ultrasound-guided follow-up examinations. Typically, these examinations take place one week post-operatively to confirm occlusion of the vessel being treated during surgery and to verify that there is an absence of any blood clot. Following the post-operative studies after surgery, we recommend that patients return to our office three months post-operatively and then return once annually.

Yes, most commercial insurance carriers, including Medicare, will cover your vein consultation and ultrasound-guided vein examination.

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