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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Seek Treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins

Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Seek Treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins

Posted on October 22, 2021

As we get closer and closer to winter and the colder weather, it may be the ideal time to get treated for those spider veins or varicose veins you’ve been noticing on your legs. Varicosity Vein Center can offer convenient treatment options at any time of year, but doctors often recommend winter as a great time to get treated for the following reasons:

  1. Winter is the perfect time to cover up. After your treatment, you may experience swelling in your legs, bruising, or discolored skin for a while. It’s all part of the treatment process. You will heal—and what better time to heal than a season when you’re not expected to go to any pool parties or golf tournaments? Other seasons may call for skirts, shorts, and bathing suits. In winter, you can cover up your healing legs with long pants—no questions asked.
  2. Winter is the perfect time to slow down. Winter is a time of healing. You’ll need to take it easy after the treatment so that you don’t strain yourself. For a time, you’ll need to shy away from doing challenging activities and exercises so that it doesn’t put pressure on your blood vessels. People naturally slow down in the winter, and it’s an ideal time to hibernate a little. ‘Tis the season for enjoying a good book with a steaming hot cup of cocoa.
  3. Winter is the perfect time to avoid UV rays. Did you know that UV rays can hinder your recovery from treatment for spider and varicose veins? You’ll need to protect your legs from the sun for at least a few weeks after the procedure to avoid any skin discoloration. During winter, people spend more time indoors and need to wear long pants to keep warm. When it comes to overall lifestyle, it’s much more convenient for you deal with the recovery process in the winter than any other season.
  4. Winter is the perfect time for compression socks. Your doctor may advise you to wear compression socks for a few weeks after your vein surgery because it can relieve some of the pain and bruising post-treatment. This type of socks squeezes the legs a little more to improve blood flow. Compression socks are thicker and hotter than run-of-the-mill socks, so the most comfortable time wear them is during colder weather!

The best time to visit a vein clinic for spider or varicose vein is when you first notice them. However, if you have been waiting for the right time to get them treated, there’s no better season than winter. It’s the time to heal, time to hibernate, and time to hide from the sun—the ideal time to recover from vein surgery. Click here to schedule an appointment today!

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