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The Seal of Approval: Varicosity’s IAC Accreditation

Posted on October 31, 2022

Your Health is Worth the Guarantee That IAC Accreditation Offers

The Best Possible Vascular Testing Happens Here: Varicosity Earns IAC Accreditation

When it comes to vascular testing, treatment should mean finding a place that strives for the highest standard of quality. After all, cardiovascular diseases are now the leading cause of death here in the U.S. These afflictions, which are conditions of the blood vessels and heart, kill one American citizen every thirty-nine seconds.

Cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, the latter of which is the most frequent cause of disability and third leading cause of death in America. Considering these shocking statistics, people should waste no time in scheduling vascular testing if they are at risk for any of these diseases. With testing, however, comes other responsibilities. These include which facility to visit and who to trust in making sure that the testing is done in the most professional and highest quality manner.

Creating a Standard of Quality

Determining this standard of quality with regard to vascular testing is the IAC, or the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. The IAC is a nationally renowned nonprofit accrediting organization that was created by medical professionals wanting to advance the correct utilization, standardization, and quality of diagnostic imaging and intervention-based procedures. The IAC has been the most important source of accreditation in this field for over thirty years, and serves both the United States, Canada, and many other international markets in their mission of improving healthcare. They cover accreditation for Echocardiography, CT, MRI, Nuclear/PET, Vein Center & Vascular Interventional, Cardiac Electrophysiology, and, according to their website, Cardiovascular Catheterization. Additionally, IAC is the only accrediting body that gives clinical peer reviews of case studies showing accuracy, quality, and report completeness.

A Distinction That Matters

What does this accreditation approval mean? IAC accreditation states that a facility has undergone an exhaustive, panel-led evaluation of its operational and technical workings, proven itself to be compliant with national standards, and followed the highest safety criteria for both patients and staff. Accreditation is a guarantee to a consumer that the product being offered meets peak industry standards. Without accreditation in any field, an individual has no assurance that the services offered are of the highest quality in the industry. Without accreditation, there is no promise that a facility cares about maintaining or abiding by industry principles that safeguard consumers needing vascular testing. Moreover, accreditation means a commitment to keeping these standards in place and a drive to continue improving the quality of service to patients both today and in the future.

Best Quality, Best Patient Care: Varicosity Vein Center Earns IAC Accreditation

Recently, Varicosity Vein Center Homewood became only the second facility in Birmingham, Alabama, to earn IAC accreditation. Varicosity’s rare new distinction shows its commitment to offering the highest quality testing and the best service for patients in the industry. This accreditation is valid for three years and is recognized in the vascular testing area of Peripheral Venous Testing. If you need vascular testing and want the seal of approval that IAC accreditation provides, Varicosity Vein Center offers the highest quality testing and patient care.

Your health is worth the guarantee that IAC offers, and Varicosity will ensure that you have the best treatment and care available today. Testing is easy to schedule, so please contact Varicosity Vein Center, and experience firsthand what it means to be treated by advanced professionals who have proven their dedication to the highest medical standards.

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