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Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Varicose Veins (What You Can Do About Yours)

Posted on October 27, 2022

Varicose veins affect all types of people, even the celebrities who look flawless on our screens. Being in the spotlight puts pressure on celebrities to look their best at all times. This creates the illusion that these gorgeous, famous people don’t encounter the same problems and diseases that we, the “regular” people, face. This couldn’t be further from the truth though! Luckily, when it comes to varicose veins, you can receive the same treatment as the stars at Varicosity Vein Center.

Who Gets Varicose Veins?

The majority of people who inherit or develop varicose veins are women. The sad truth is that commentary on celebrity women often revolves around their looks. Big blue veins twisting along the legs or thighs are deemed unsightly, especially for those women who are far too often judged on their appearance. On top of the way these veins look, they are also painful.

It turns out that stars really are just like us; flaws and all! Here’s a list of celebrities who have treated their varicose veins:

Jessica Alba

This beautiful actress has never been photographed with varicose veins. However, she told Us Weekly that the condition does run in her family. She travels with compression socks to prevent the possibility of inheriting this problem.

Kristin Davis

Best known for her role as Charlotte in the show Sex and the City, Kristin Davis attracted a lot of attention for her varicose veins. Paparazzi photos captured her legs in an unflattering light. After the issue was highlighted in the media, Davis received treatment to reduce the appearance and pain of her varicose veins.

Britney Spears

This iconic pop star always holds a spot in the headlines. After having two children, her development of varicose veins also spread through the media. Pregnancy plays a large role in the onset of varicose veins due to extra blood flow tiring out the vein walls. This leads to the protrusion of veins under the skin. Spears received vein treatment and never missed a beat in the performance world.

Emma Thompson

This Love Actually star openly discussed her varicose vein treatment with the media. Before treating the vein problem, she wore long dresses to hide her legs. Without the bright blue cluster of varicose veins, she was able to return to short, stylish dresses and a new level of confidence.

Serena Williams

This fierce tennis player relies on her muscular legs to move around the court. Varicose veins caused her a lot of pain and distraction. With a career and Olympic dreams that depended on healthy legs, Williams pursued vein treatment.

What to Do

As you can see, varicose and spider veins are common for people on all social spectrums. Resources are available to alleviate the cosmetic or painful issue. Minimally invasive treatment options provide you with legs that look just as healthy as those of a celebrity.

Contact Varicosity Vein Center for a personalized treatment plan. Our specialists can tailor treatment to your individual condition while bringing back your youthful, vein-free legs.

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