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Why Do I Only Have Varicose Veins in One Leg?

Posted on November 3, 2022

When you think of varicose veins, you might assume that the onset of this issue should affect both legs at the same time. In fact, the opposite is often true. Those affected by varicose veins often report the development of varicose veins in only one leg.

Worrying about the advancement of these intrusive veins is a natural reaction. Additionally, you might wonder why one leg seems more susceptible than the other. Here, we will review why this might be the case.

Why Do You Have Varicose Veins in One Leg?

Varicose veins develop when a vein becomes damaged or no longer works properly in the blood flow process. What might seem strange, though, is that varicose veins seem to occur more commonly in the left leg. A simple reason for this might be that you have more veins on the left side of your body than on the right. The left side sends the oxygen-rich blood to your organs and tissue. In a sense, this theory says that if there are more veins in one area, there is a higher chance of varicose veins existing in that area.

There is a problem with the justification that more veins on the left side creates a higher probability of varicose veins. While we often see the knotted veins close to the surface of our skin, some varicose veins are not visible and occur deep beneath the surface. This means you could very well have varicose veins in both legs, with only some of them clearly visible.

Healthcare professionals cannot offer a concise reason that only one leg might contain damaged veins or vein valves. Some have offered the idea that previous personal injuries might contribute to varicose veins. Others find that the development on a single leg is merely part of the natural varicose vein process, and there is no specific scientific logic to explain it.

What Are Your Options?

Whether you have varicose veins in one or both legs, seeking treatment should be your first step. These veins are painful regardless of which leg is affected. At Varicosity Vein Center, various varicose vein treatment options are available to you. We perform the following procedures:

  • Endovenous Laser Treatment – This outpatient laser ablation is performed under anesthesia and ultrasound guidance. Most patients resume normal activities the same day.
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy – Recovery is fast and mostly painless following this outpatient microsurgical procedure for removing secondary varicose veins.
  • Sclerotherapy – Yielding attractive cosmetic outcomes, sclerotherapy is an injection of an FDA-approved sclerosing solution. The procedure takes less than an hour.

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