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Varicosity Management Group Training Center in Birmingham, AL

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Transform the way you manage venous disease with Varicosity Management Group (VMG), your leading consulting firm in the field.

Since 2010, we have helped establish and contract with over 60 vein centers nationwide, ranging from Fortune 500 hospital systems to independent physician offices. Our team of experts has trained over 300 physicians and clinical providers, providing exceptional results and improving brand image through our operational, clinical, and marketing expertise.

Varicosity Management Group Training Center in Birmingham, AL Birmingham

About Varicosity Management Group

The Opportunity

Venous disease affects roughly 20 percent of your area's population. By treating this chronic and progressive condition, new patients will come directly to your hospital if you can meet the unmet requirements of your community.

Varicosity Management Group will assist in the implementation of a customized organizational plan to establish and execute a new service line to meet the venous needs of your community, as well as provide proven steps to help your organization achieve service excellence through efficiency and expertise. Varicosity Management Group will assist you in achieving a balanced ROI within months and a positive profit margin within a year. The VMG team will address program issues with extra care and offer complete solutions. Varicosity Management Group has created over forty vein centers and trained over 400 physicians and personnel.

How We Work

We Cover the Details

Varicosity Management Group and Varicosity Partners have done all the work to create a firm foundation for your vein program. Two to four physicians per site is recommended for a vein center that is operational four to five days per week.

On-Site Management Visits—Regularly (Bi-monthly).

We can work with your department in the allocation of revenues collected and distribution of actual expenses (staffing, supplies, marketing, third-party adjustments, bad debt, etc.) to determine an accurate bottom line. We collaborate on a bi-monthly chart audit review, including correlation to ultrasound reports, procedure(s) performed, charges billed, and staging associated with insurance carrier guidelines.

Ongoing Marketing

Evaluate the marketing strategy plan for effectiveness, including brochures, website, signage, appointment cards, stationery, resource materials, advertisements (internal and external), etc. This review protocol offers evaluations of venous disease pre-operatively and post-operatively, as well as reviews of supplies and inventory, best pricing opportunities, and assessments of financial policy related to co-insurance.

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Varicosity Management Group Training Center in Birmingham, AL Birmingham

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