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Stop Hating Your Hands

Posted on November 17, 2022

Stop Hating Your Hands with Sclerotherapy

More so than other places on the body, our hands usually offer the first indications of age. Often, the most noticeable change comes in the form of bulging veins. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help reverse this telltale sign of the aging process. Sclerotherapy is a hand rejuvenation treatment that can rewind the clock for your hands.

Why Do My Hands Age So Rapidly?

Like other places on our body, the skin of our hands loses elasticity over time, and collagen production decreases. Aside from that, our hands are exposed to the changing seasons, the sun, and water more often than the rest of the skin. We use our hands for most of our daily activities, so they come in contact with soap, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals that cause them to dry out and become more susceptible to aging.

When it comes to bulging veins, there could be a few causes for this unpleasant sign of age. Obviously, one of the first causes to consider is age itself. Over time, the valves of our veins weaken, and this causes the blood to pool and enlarge the veins.

Weather and body fat percentage also play a role in the appearance of the skin. Veins tend to bulge in the hotter temperatures. Additionally, a person with leaner hands might find the appearance of veins more noticeable. Without fat between your skin and veins, it is difficult to disguise the protrusion.

Another factor that can lead to the advanced aging of our hands is genetics. While not ideal, it is possible to inherit certain genes that result in early skin elasticity loss. However, whether you have been dealt a bad hand or not, aging is inevitable for everyone.

How Can Sclerotherapy Help Me?

Sclerotherapy is a fast and effective procedure that can revitalize the look of your hands. Results are swift, with most people seeing changes just three weeks after completing full treatments on both hands. This 30-minute, pain free procedure consists of tiny injections of sclerosing solution that close down the diseased veins of your hands, causing them to be naturally absorbed by the body. Because we have an excess of veins in our hands, sclerotherapy is completely safe. We have plenty of additional veins to assist in blood flow, so removing the more unattractive veins causes no harm.

When compared to surgery, sclerotherapy is much less invasive. Sclerotherapy is also FDA-approved. Multiple studies have shown this procedure to work well with positive lasting outcomes. It can also be used as a method of treatment for spider and varicose veins. This procedure restores the youthful look of your hands while promoting a stronger sense of confidence.

Sclerotherapy at Varicosity Vein Center

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